Nationwide Disaster Relief

Tree Tactics LLC has been involved in numerous disaster relief efforts across the nation which are aimed at removing hazardous trees on a large scale basis, ranging from storms and hurricanes to insect infestation and forest fires. We are proud to be a part of the team to help residents, communities, cities and states to recover from these unfortunate occurences. 

Recent Projects Involved:

Cobb, California - Autumn 2015

-- Extensive tree removals on trees impacted from wildfire

Shavor Lake, California - Summer 2016

-- Extensive tree removals on bug infested trees

                       Daniel Severino : (203) 507-7329

Connecticut Arborist  B-3881, S-6401

Michael Severino : (203) 996-5827

EMERGENCY WORK: Claudia Severino : (203) 996-4198


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190 FT Beetle Infested Pine